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Forklift Training Program Alberta - Lift trucks are occasionally known as lift trucks, jitneys or hi los. These powered industrial trucks are utilized widely today. Department stores utilized forklifts to unload products from trailers. Warehouses need them for tiering merchandise. And grocery stores use small models to drop stock in the aisles. Whether transporting lumber at a sawmill or loading material at a construction site, operators of forklifts should be trained properly and licensed. The main concern should be on pedestrian and worker safety. This lift truck training program teaches the safety and health rules governing forklifts in order to ensure their efficient and safe use.

Forklift Training Program Safety Tips:

Proper training ensures that forklift operators can maintain control of the lift truck throughout lifting, tilting and traveling. Just skilled operators should operate a forklift.

Safety guidelines when traveling - head, hands, arms, feet and legs must be kept in the forklift truck throughout traveling. The forks must be low to the ground and tilted back. Observe posted traffic signs. Decrease speed and sound the horn if taking a corner. If the driver's vision is blocked by the load, slowly drive in reverse. Pre-check the ground for possible hazards, such as oily or wet spots, objects, rough patches, holes, people and vehicles. Prevent stopping suddenly.

If pedestrians pass across the vehicle or moves into a blind spot, the forklift must be stopped, the load lowered, waiting until the way is clear. If a load is being transported on an incline, the forks must be pointed downhill without a load and uphill with a load. The forklift must just be turned around if on level ground.

Safety guidelines when steering - Never turn the steering wheel sharply if traveling fast. Turn utilizing the back wheels and support the load by the front wheels. An overloaded truck will be difficult to steer. Adhere to load limitations. Do not add a counterweight in order to improve steering.

Safety guidelines while loading - Follow the suggested capacity and load restrictions of the lift truck. This information is displayed on the data plate. Always make certain that the load is positioned based on the suggested load centre. The lift truck would remain stable as long as the load is kept close to the front wheels.

Before inserting the forks into the pallet, the forklift mast must be in an upright position. Level the forks prior to inserting them.

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