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Overhead Crane Operator Training Alberta - Our overhead crane operator training course is meant to teach staff the basics of overhead crane/sling operation and pre-shift checks. Programs are taught by our professional trainers and consultants. Well-trained employees are more efficient and productive, that really saves on costs connected with property damage, product damage, and accidents because of the use of improper operating procedures. Our overhead crane certification is customized for workers who have literacy barriers, reducing certification time by 50 per cent.

The overhead crane has been built to be used performing repetitive lifting activities. This kind of crane can be utilized in various capacities. They may be used for specialized lifting tasks such as installing or removing major plant equipment.

Operators and worker have to employ safe rigging practices to be able to safely operate an overhead crane. This would require both knowledge and practice because the load has to be correctly rigged to guarantee its stability when raised. Prior to starting a lifting task, it must be determined that the crane is suitable for the job, with right capacity, travel and lift. The crane needs to be subjected to a thorough visual and physical check before utilization. The capacity of all machinery, including the hardware, rope and slings, must never go over load weight capacities.

The rigger needs to know the correct sling for every lift and check slings and other rigging hardware before using. Clear signals need to be utilized in communications with the crane operator. A signaler should be designated for the role and signals must be agreed upon. The crane operator should follow directions from the designated person only. If a remote or wired controller is being used, the operator must be trained in all its functions.

Before any lifting starts, the path of the load must be cleared of all obstacles and a warning sign must be issued to ensure the safety of the employees. Pedestrian are not under any circumstance allowed to walk underneath the lift loads. The crane hoist should be centered over the load prior to lifting in order to prevent swinging. The safety catch should be closed immediately after sliding the sling entirely onto the hoisting hook. Sling legs which are not utilized should be secured so they do not drag. Never leave loose materials on a load being lifted. Watch that fingers and hands are clear when slack is taken out of a sling. Before the lift is carried out, step clear of the danger zone.

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