Alberta Scissor Lift Operator Certification

Alberta Scissor Lift Operator Certification

Scissor Lift Operator Certification Alberta - North American regulators suggest that workplaces require operators of booms, scissor lifts or aerial work platforms to obtain certification training. Scissor lift operator certification is not mandatory, but there are advantages to making certain that this training is offered to all the operators.

In order to enable employees to have access to high levels, the scissor lift is a work platform designed along with a pantograph, that is a attached, folding support which shaped in an 'X' pattern. Upward movement takes place when pressure is applied to the outside of the lowest set of supports, propelling the work platform vertically by elongating the 'X' pattern. A bridge extends from certain platforms to allow convenient access to the work site.

With the manual release of the valve, the platform can return to the ground. The decsension is achieved by the simple release of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. This is the main reason that scissor lifts are the best machine at worksites.

Operators which are both inexperienced or experienced will be able to get some benefit from correct scissor lift training. A scissor lift operator certification course can be specifically designed to accommodate for those lifts used at your workplace. The trainees' certificate of training will list the models on which they trained.

The classroom instruction includes the following topics: authorization, attitude and rules and guidelines; introduction to scissor lift training; safety rules and common hazards; Occupational Health and Safety; workbook and record of training (or also called ROT)

The end of the in-class section is finished with a written exam.

Practical hands-on training consists of instruction on the following: safety equipment; pre-operational inspection; function test checklist; operators instruction manual; regular maintenance and the practical session will conclude with a demonstration of proficiency.

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